Friday, May 29, 2009

Well, this is my first BLOG and not really sure how to go about so I will start with a little about me. I titled my page "Diary of a Mad Scrapper" as I tend to become obsessed once I get a project idea and can think of little else. In addition, my husband would say "mad" is often my mood but that is what comes of having too many things to do, too many expectations and too little time to do them, etc. I scrap because when I do, I can forget the laundry that needs to be done, the dryer that needs repair, the 10 pounds I needs to lose...

Right now my passion is mini-books. They come together so quickly and since the pages are small, I find myself being able to use colors I normally would shy away from on a larger page. I have a huge collection of beige, white, black and browns papers. But happily all of my books have been quite colorful.

I love anything vintage and distressed and found that embracing imperfection in my scrapping was quite liberating. Whereas it used to take me several weeks to finish a page, I can often whip one out in a day now. Ripping and distressing also is a good stress reliever.

Here is my last full sized page in progress, and while I have everything glued now I am not sure if it is yet finished. I think I will call it done for now and move on to an idea I have for a father's day book.

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